¿¿ Dónde compran las espadas samuráis los samuráis con espadas samuráis? ¿¿ Dónde compran las espadas samuráis los samuráis con espadas samuráis?

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I absolutely love the katana kumbat. It's well made and it looks just like the picture and it does slice through paper like butter. The only thing I have is complaint about it doesn't come with the display stand.It gives me a better feeling than my cold steel katana.

Jizzie Millers
lion katana

It's my favorite katana sword real.The katana knife are exactly like the pictures and feel heavy and good quality. Definitely recommend

Seng Nu Mai
Yoshino katana

I got japanese katana for my father as a father's day present, he absolutely loves it.It's a beautiful piece along with it coming oiled and sharpened,Katana Sheath is very exquisite.10/10 recommend if you are looking for a wonderful gift to give or to have as part of your own collection.

Black Whirlwind katana

I am a fan of traditional katana, and China katana still have excellent quality. I have bought Chinese katanas before with poor details, but this time they are very good. The combination of tsuba, habaki, and tsuka, as well as the position of the center of gravity, proves its superiority

bewitching katana

I gave him a name katana,This is a great Katana Sword at a good price. The blade is Super Razor Sharp and the Tsuba is very elegant looking. Everything is well made and put togeather solid. This was a great buy.

Sea Dragon God katana

katana Looks fantastic, has a great weight balance to it. Very sturdy.This scarbbard drawing is very nice.


Yes, Everything is fine, I really like the blade. I'd buy it again.


Custom Katana

Fantasy Katana becomes a reality?starting from katana drawing, let's use traditional katana crafting - se to create your battle ready katana

Customize your dream katana
What is a Katana?

Samurai sword It is a sword used by samurai (replaced by a katana). Since ancient times, katana have been known for their beautiful weapon shapes, and many famous swords have been collected as artworks, symbolizing the soul of samurai. One of the biggest characteristics of Katana is its artistic sense that transcends itself. From ancient times to the present, Katana has undergone many changes, leading to the expansion of many types of katanas. All of these Katana have their own professional terms: chokoto, odachi,tachi, taki, wakizashi, tando, naginata, ken, yari, jumonjiyari. The swords manufactured from the Meiji Restoration to the present belong to modern swords (gentaito).

What is katana hamon?

The so-called "Hamon" is a professional term that covers the blade with soil and burns it. The blade does not need high hardness areas covered with soil and then heated to a specific temperature. When the red hot leaves enter the water, the exposed part quickly cools down, while the temperature change of the covered part is not very significant, resulting in a different hardness from the exposed part, achieving a balance of rigidity and softness. In the case of high hardness of the blade, it can still maintain the good toughness of the blade and achieve a very variable hamon texture, which is also an important link in determining whether katana is good or bad.

What does Katana's Full Tang mean?

Full tang refers to whether the blade of Katana extends to the bottom of the handle, which is also the main factor determining whether Katana is sturdy. All of our samurai swords have a Full Tang structure with a thick keel that is fixed with mekugi, providing better strength and resistance during practice, while also respecting the technical knowledge of Japanese Sword.

How long is a katana?

Katana length has evolved in different periods in Japan. In modern forged katana, the classic length is about 40 inches and the blade length is 28 inches. However, depending on the type of sword and the user's body type, there may be different changes, as the katana must be suitable for your height. Therefore, in this length, if there is no suitable one for you, you can also choose to customize katana.

Is the Katana battle ready ?

Our katana is independently designed and produced by craftsmen who have worked in the industry for decades through over a dozen traditional processes such as forging, quenching, polishing, and grinding. Each samurai sword has undergone fine grinding, making the blade very sharp and capable of being cut by Tameshigiri. In addition, higher-level katana will use different advanced grinding methods, which means that craftsmen will spend a few more days on this katana to make it sharp like a razor and display forged textures on the blade.

How to sharpen a Katana

Generally speaking, our katana is already sharpen. But when you made the purchase, for some reason, you chose not to sharpen it. If you want to sharpen it yourself later, we will provide the following simple sharpening methods.

There are 4 main steps to sharpening a Katana:

Shaping work using an uchigumori stone to remove rust and scratches.

The blade is then passed over progressively smaller and finer stones in an effort to remove the marks from the uchigumori stone.

Hazuya stones glued to traditional Japanese paper are then used in order to remove the microscopic scratches that are left from the previous polishing.

Finally a Jizuya stone is used and rubbed on the surface of the blade, this is a long process done until the stone wears out.

How to distinguish a real katana?

The various parts of a real katana have professional terminology, and you can distinguish whether the purchased product is a real katana or a simple katana shaped sword based on the completeness of these parts.

Terminology and Parts of a Katana

Why is the surface of the blade smeared with oil? Can I remove the lubricating oil?

The purpose of using oil to maintain the blade is to form an oil film on the surface of the blade to isolate the oxygen in the air and prevent the daily storage from oxidizing and rusting the blade.So it is not recommended that you erase. Additionally, Katana should not be placed in direct sunlight or in damp or excessively dry areas. If you touch the back of the katana with your hand, or if you have dripped acidic liquid on the blade, you need to wipe it clean with a clean cotton cloth before spraying maintenance oil again.

katana maintenance

Can you have katana in your own country?

Katana is considered a cutting tool and is subject to legal jurisdiction. Therefore, its complete legality. In the United States, you must be at least 18 years old or obtain explicit permission from your parents to own Katana.

Whether you can carry a samurai sword outdoors depends on your state of residence, and we suggest that you check the laws of your state yourself. Generally speaking, carrying swords in public is prohibited and must be carried in dedicated bags or safe boxes.

Do you ship from all over the world?

We provide services on a global scale, however, you need to check your country's purchase and weapon import conditions in advance. We cannot always check the regulations of each country and modify the countries we serve based on these regulations.

Where can i buy a real katana?

Xingyu sword produces real samurai sword, usually priced between $5000 and $15000 in Japan. However, in the xingyu sword store, you can buy a real katana for over $200

custom katana

If you want to buy a customized katana, then you've come to the right place, we'll offer customization in a variety of steels, styles as well as sizes, make the sword of your dreams a reality.

And we will provide you with all the accessories to choose from such as tsuba, fuchi, kashira, habaki, blade, saya, tsukamaki, sageo or even seppa, menuki, all of which can be matched to your own wishes.If you are new to katana and don't need a sharp katana, we also offer a blunt katana option!

We offer different types of steel such as carbon steel, 1060 steel, t10 steel, damascus steel, tamahagane... If you still can't decide, then you can contact us by phone, email, or chat and we will provide you with a crafting guide to help you make your dream sword!

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Did China have samurai sword?

First of all, congratulations on finding a place that specializes in producing true handmade katana. Our factory is located in a city in Zhejiang Province, China with a history of 2500 years in sword making. The production of katana involves more than ten processes, including design, forging, quenching, grinding, and assembly, all completed by experienced craftsmen with decades of experience in the industry.Our Katanas and swords production and design are not only sold domestically, but also supplied to swords retailers in various countries around the world. In addition, our master will periodically visit Japan to exchange Katana production experience with other craftsmen.

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