Blue katana

Blue katana Blue is a dreamy color commonly found in the sky and ocean, blue Katana to give collectors an eternal and pure feeling
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prawn katana

prawn katana

prawn katana, blue appearance, copper tsuba, t10 steel Tsuchioki blade, fine grinding, balance point cutting power are very good katana 【Zencho】entire length:104cm - 40.9inch【Hacho】blade length:72.8cm - 28.6inch【Handle length】:27.4cm - 10.7inch【Sori】:1.6cm...
Comet katana

Comet katana

This Katana is forged from Damascus steel,The blade has very delicate patterns on it,This is formed by folding and forging two different brightness steels,Shinogi ji has undergone stone grain treatment,Shining...
Soul of Tsushima Island katana and Wakizashi set

Soul of Tsushima Island katana and Wakizashi set

Unleash the true warrior within with the "Soul of Tsushima Island" katana and Wakizashi! Handcrafted with T10 steel, the classic samurai design of these traditional weapons is perfect for cosplay...
Blue moon katana

Blue moon katana

The outstanding performance of this blue katana is sufficient to withstand the impact of beginners' incorrect chopping on the sword. TSUBA is made of brass material with a transparent carving...
Blue peafowl katana

Blue peafowl katana

This Katana's Saya uses solid wood raw lacquer hand painted, but this process takes almost a month, so unlike solid wood spray painted Saya, each of these Katana is a...
blue Sea Dragon God katana

Sea Dragon God katana

dragons were introduced to Japan as the image of water gods, The blue SAYA is like the sea, with a lifelike dragon carved on it.this katana FUCHI KASHIRA, TSUBA, and...
purple katana-xingyu sword store

starry sky katana

This Katana has blue as the main color tone,The lacquer on the sheath resembles stars, so we named this knife Starry Sky,The blade part uses Tsuchioki technology, which is a...
tiger blue katana

White Tiger katana

This samurai sword tsuba is hollowed out and carved in the shape of a tiger, so I named it White Tiger. The scabbard is made of baking paint, and the...