T10 Steel Clay Tempered-Katana Blade

The blade made of T10 Tool steel is very hard, Its relatively high carbon content makes it very powerful and can withstand many surfaces that you may hit. The blade made of this material is more suitable for players who have certain requirements for the performance of katana.The hamon process, on the other hand, is a localized quenching technique aimed at maintaining good toughness of the blade while maintaining high hardness in the blade area. The final pattern formed on the surface of the blade in this way is hamon. T10 steel is very suitable for the hamon process, and the combination of the two can present various beautiful patterns.

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Crane Sends Blessings

Crane Sends Blessings

Lotus Sparrow Katana

Lotus Sparrow Katana

Sakura Soldier Katana

Sakura Soldier Katana

dark tiger katana

Dark Tiger Katana

follow suit katana

Follow Suit Katana

Peach Flower Katana

Peach Flower Katana

seasonal bamboo katana

Seasonal Bamboo Katana

monkey katana

Monkey Katana

cool breeze katana

Cool Breeze Katana

prawn katana

Prawn Katana

yakuza katana

Yakuza Katana