guntō-xingyu sword The Japanese army in World War II, from sergeants to generals, wielded a guntō, also known as a command sword, with extremely strong combat effectiveness. Nowadays, the Japanese saber of World War II have become fashionable collectibles in the military collection industry. And with the continuous increase in prices, we have restored the Japanese naval, land, and air officers' swords, which are now available for military enthusiasts to collect
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Absolute obedience Cavalry sword

Absolute obedience Cavalry sword

$769.99 – $799.99
Cavalry sword-Army Command sword The "Absolute Obedience" cavalry sword from Xingyu Sword is a symbol of prestige and power. Crafted with exquisite attention-to-detail, its steel blade boasts a unique elegance...
98 style World War II Saber Japanese sword

T10 hamon 98 style Saber

$419.99 – $449.99
The classic Type 98 Japanese World War II military saber features cherry blossom patterns carved on its accessories, and the pure copper SAYA features a buckle design, effectively reducing the...
command saber

command saber

$339.99 – $369.99
Experience the power of the traditional Japanese Type 98 saber with this unique damascus blade. Its superior sharpness makes it perfect for close-quarters combat, while its intricate design adds a...
japanese Type 98 saber Soul

Soul Type 98 saber

$169.99 – $199.99
The Type 98 Japanese Saber is a prestigious and exquisite weapon crafted with the finest of materials. Its impressive design and craftsmanship make it a unique piece, perfect for collectors...