Katana in movies

Katana in movies The Katana is often seen in movies as an indestructible blade. He has appeared in the classic Kill Bill, The Walking Dead, and Rurouni Kenshin. Choose Katana in movies to be your own protagonist
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kill bill katana

kill bill katana

【Zencho】entire length:103cm - 40.5inch【Hacho】blade length:72.5cm - 28.5inch【Handle length】:27cm - 10.6inch【Sori】:1.7cm - 0.66inch【Sakikasane】:0.45cm - 0.17inch【Motokasane】:0.7cm - 0.27inch【Sahihaba】:2.35cm - 0.92inch【Motohaba】:3.2cm - 1.25inch【Mizuheshi】:water quenching【Blade material】:1045 steel【Hi】:Single Hi【Structure】:maru【Blade treatment】:Ordinary grinding【Blade type】:shinogi-zukuri【Disassembled】:Non removable【Handle shape】:imogata【Fuchi kashira】:alloy【Handle...
michonne katana

michonne katana

【Zencho】entire length:103.5cm - 40.7inch【Hacho】blade length:72.5cm - 28.5inch【Handle length】:27cm - 10.6inch【Sori】:1.6cm - 0.62inch【Sakikasane】:0.4cm - 0.15inch【Motokasane】:0.7cm - 0.27inch【Sahihaba】:2.35cm - 0.92inch【Motohaba】:3.1cm - 1.22inch【Mizuheshi】:water quenching【Blade material】:1060 steel【Hi】:No Hi【Structure】:Maru-gitae【Blade treatment】:Ordinary polishing【Blade type】:shinogi-zukuri【Yokote】:fake【Disassembled】:Non removable【Handle shape】:Imogata【Fuchi kashira】:alloy【Handle...
Himura Kenshin tachi sword

Rurouni Kenshin half tachi

Rurouni Kenshin is a Japanese manga and anime work that tells the story of Japan during the Meiji period. The protagonist Himura Kenshin used two swords, the "nameless sword" and...
the walking dead katana

Walking Dead katana

A super cool katana that meets your role-playing needs, this katana is Michonne's exclusive katana in The Walking Dead: Summit. It has a black appearance, and the unique Saya is...
Michonne katana
The katana Michonne used was one she had brought from a neighbor's house earlier. In order to survive, Michonne makes difficult choices. She picked up the katana, put on her blood-stained trench coat, and began to wander the world. And with this razor-sharp katana, she went from her debut in Season 3 to Season 6. The katana is brown and white with a leather sheath and a strap for easy carrying, and in Michonne's hands, with her sharp knife skills, she has no trouble cutting down slow-moving monsters like walkers.
reverse blade katana
Sakabato is a special blade design that refers to the katana with a blade on the back of the sword,A movie (Rurouni Kenshin) brought Katana, the reverse blade, to everyone's attention. In fact, in all these years of Japanese sword history, there has never really been a reverse blade sword.
Kill Bill sword
In the movie Kill Bill, the sword in the hand of the protagonist is the last work of the retired sword master Hattori Hanzo in the movie, so this sword is also called the Hattori Hanzo Sword.