Shirasaya katana

Shirasaya katana without tsuba, This type of installation is also known as aikuchi-koshirae. in the use of Japanese swords, shirasaya is used to store blades and does not have attack ability. But many collectors prefer this simple appearance, so I gave Shirasaya katana combat power.
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Ink Shadow shirasaya katana

Ink Shadow shirasaya katana

Ink Shadow, it belongs to a shirasaya katana, with a blade made of forged t10 steel. After passing through Tsuchioki and Taganeha, the hamon of the blade has a very...
destruction shirasaya

destruction shirasaya

Experience power and precision with the xingyu sword "destruction" Iaito sword. Crafted with fine ebony, this sword provides an unbeatable strength and balance, perfect for any skill level. Swing with...
Precision grinding wakizashi

wing wakizashi

Step into the world of samurai with this exquisite wakizashi made of ebony! Its natural solid wood texture is polished to perfection and its mirror-polished 1060 steel blade will shine...
Simple and elegant Shirasaya, high-end solid wood Saya

jihad shirasaya wakizashi

Introducing the perfect blend of style and strength: the tanto damascus blade with a rosewood scabbard. Durable yet elegant, this classic sword is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and...
damascus  shirasaya swords

Plain shirasaya katana

The production cycle of this Katana requires 5-15 days, The XingYu Sword "Plain" Katana is made for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Its careful design provides an elegant...