Guntō-Weapons of Sin on the Battlefields of World War II

The notorious and fierce blade - Type 95 Sergeant Guntō
In the highly hierarchical Japanese army, the rank of "junior officers" at the top and bottom of the ranks was lower than that of officers, but much higher than that of enlisted men. But in order to instill the spirit of "Bushido" in the soldiers, japan equipped these soldiers with Type 95 Guntō (kyugo-shiki gunto)
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The most collectible Japanese guntō: Classic type 98 guntō
Ww2 Japanese sword, the most representative was the Type 98 Gunto, favored by katana collectors and military enthusiasts around the world.The Type 98 Gunto is just a transformation of the Type 94 Gunto. It only removes the second earring and the quality does not differ too much, but the fact is not so.
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Katana in World War II
To understand japanese swords from ww2, you need to know the names of the various parts of the guntō Here we will use the type 98 guntō as an example to explain the terms for the sheath, handle, and various parts of the blade.
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