Damascus Steel-Katana Blade

Damasses steel is the most primitive form of composite steel, When this type of steel is cast into swords, there will be a special pattern on the surface, and different folding forging methods, folding layers, and heat treatment will make the pattern different. This blade is suitable for players who not only pursue the performance of the sword itself, but also have aesthetic appeal and collectible value.
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Fire Katana

Fire Katana

Golden Mantis Katana

Golden Mantis Katana

Ink Scar Katana

Ink Scar Katana

fierce tiger katana

Fierce Tiger Katana

Spray Katana

Spray Katana

Comet katana

Comet Katana

Lion chop Damascus Roast Blue katana

Lion Chop Katana

Blood Plum katana

Blood Plum Katana

Devil's Blade katana

Devil's Blade Katana

Stone grain damascus katana

Proud Plum Katana

Half Makeup katana

Half Makeup Katana

damascus  shirasaya swords

Plain Shirasaya Katana