White katana

White katana White is the purest color, symbolizing brightness, cleanliness, simplicity, elegance, and chastity. Holders of white katana often have a high level of aesthetics and firm beliefs.
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damascus  shirasaya swords

Plain shirasaya katana

The production cycle of this Katana requires 5-15 days, The XingYu Sword "Plain" Katana is made for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Its careful design provides an elegant...
Dragon Shadow katana

Dragon Shadow katana

The blade of this Katana is made of Damascus steel, and its surface is made of circular patterns, which is rare in all Katana. SAYA is black and white, with...
Yingxue katana

Yingxue katana

This katana (samurai sword) is forged from 1060 high manganese steel,It was made from oxidized baking blue and the blade was ground to white,Formed a texture similar to hamon,The handle...
bamboo katana│Mirror Grinding

mirror Bamboo katana

This Katana (Samurai Sword) is designed with bamboo elements,The accessories(tsuba fuchi kashiru) are made in the style of bamboo weaving,and the tsuba is also carved with bamboo leaves,this is the...
geisha katana

geisha katana

When you think of Japan, what comes to mind first? Sushi, Geisha or Katana? If you are interested in the culture of Japan, you must have this Katana. It combines...
white lightning katana red blade katana for sale

white lightning katana

If your girlfriend is a very cool girl, you might want to consider this Katana when choosing a gift. It has a beautiful and clean appearance, SAYA with black and...