Purple katana

Purple katana

Purple is a mysterious and warm color. Purple Katana represents nobility and power. Owning it can show beautiful, active, lively and bright vitality.

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Purple Dragon Katana store

Purple Dragon katana

overall length 103cm Blade length 72cm motokasane 0.7cm sakikasane 0.65cm kissaki nagasa 3.5cm sakihaba 2.35cm motohaba 3.2cm sori sakizori1.6cm kissaki chukissaki yokote real Harmon sanbonsugi Blade material Honsanmai pattern steel wrapped T10 hardness  60HRC...
Purple katana suitable for women

Lady Murasaki katana

This Katana has a dreamy purple SAYA, which is very suitable for women to collect. Its blade is a necessary Hamon craft for katana that combines hardness and toughness. The...
purple true katana evil spirit

raijin fujin katana

This katana is handmade using unique Tsuchioki technology, giving it a unique Hamon return thread, and the pattern on the scabbard is the raijin from the raijin and fujin. This...
gold band katana

gold band katana

 The hilt is wrapped with purple cotton rope,The scabbard is made of solid wood lacquered with purple paint and purple sageo,The accessories are made of pure copper material with engraved...
purple katana set wakizashi

Moyuan katana set

This samurai sword is called Katana in length and Wakizashi in short, It is made of T10 steel and passed through Tsuchioki,improved performance while also adding Hamon to the blade,which...