Red Katana

Bright red often gives people courage and fighting spirit, red katana will give collectors a long-lasting and enthusiastic vitality
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autumn leaf katana

Autumn Leaf Katana

Auspicious Dragon katana

Auspicious Dragon Katana

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Skeleton Demon King Katana

Stone grain damascus katana

Proud Plum Katana

sea otter katana with practical combat capabilities

Sea Otter Katana

This red katana is a handmade kata forged from Damascus steel

Red Storm Katana

red dragon katana-600 katana store

Red Dragon Katana

red katana shop│ Startled salamander katana

Startled Salamander Katana

red purgatory Stingray skin katana

Purgatory Katana

red Damascus katana Supreme -with ladder pattern

Supreme Katana

red katana shop

Sunflower Katana