Red katana

Red katana-xingyu sword Bright red often gives people courage and fighting spirit, red katana will give collectors a long-lasting and enthusiastic vitality
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autumn leaf katana

autumn leaf katana

The autumn leaf katana is crafted using its own folded and forged and refined damascus, with a hand-painted autumn leaf sheath and copper-gilt-silver tsuba, perfectly balanced for great cutting power....
Auspicious Dragon katana

Auspicious Dragon katana

Auspicious Dragon katana This samurai sword uses red elements, and the dragon on the scabbard represents auspiciousness. Tsuba is made using copper plating gold and silver technology, which is also...
TOUKEN RANBU“Ichigo Hitofuri” katana tachi Game Sword

TOUKEN RANBU Ichigo Hitofuri katana

The character Ichigo Hitofuri in the game TOUKEN RANBU, whose identity is Tachi, was restored by me, but I believe he belongs to uchikatana because there is no Tachi's hardware...
anime Skeleton Demon King katanas for sale

Skeleton Demon King katana

Step into the Shadow Realm with this fierce, unique katana! The "Skeleton Demon King" is a totally twisted weapon, with a skull pattern on the handle and tsuba giving it...
Stone grain damascus katana

Proud plum katana

The “Proud plum” katana is crafted with Damascus steel, featuring hammermarking detailing and a red scabbard with a plum blossom motif. Copper accessories complete the striking look of this majestic...
sea otter katana with practical combat capabilities

sea otter katana

This katana crafted with 1060 steel. Enjoy a lightweight and durable katana, perfect for personal practice and training.Featuring a red blade, this katana is sure to stand the test of...
This red katana is a handmade kata forged from Damascus steel

red storm katana

This red katana is made of Damascus steel and has Hamon technology, which makes its sharpness perfect. Simple lacquered scabbard, paired with red and black. Beautiful copper accessories make it...
red dragon katana-600 katana store

red dragon katana

The xingyusword "red dragon"katana is a striking piece of Japanese sword artistry designed for martial arts practitioners and collectors alike. Features include a traditionally crafted red katana with intricate dragon...
red katana shop│ Startled salamander katana

Startled salamander katana

Startled salamander katana This red katana is not only cheap, but also has good performance. It is a good value katana for beginners. Its SAYA is a bright red color,...
red purgatory Stingray skin katana

purgatory katana

This Katana blade is designed with dual HI, and the entire blade is made of hand ground ash. The slender blade tip is very distinctive. Saya is a wooden body...
red Damascus katana Supreme -with ladder pattern

Supreme katana

This katana is forged from Damascus steel,Damascus steel is forged by folding or stacking two materials with different light and shade,Different methods can obtain different patterns,The texture of this samurai...
red katana shop

sunflower katana

This Katana is forged from T10 steel, and the blade is made of Yakibatuchi, forming a very beautiful Hamon. The scabbard is mainly red and made of MAKIE gold paint....