Golden katana

Yellow katana Gold represents nobility, fame and glory and is the highest pure color in nature. The golden Katana brings warmth, happiness, and radiant charm to the collector.
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Highlander Dragon Katana

Highlander Dragon Katana

【Zencho】entire length:106cm - 41.7inch【Hacho】blade length:72cm - 28.3inch【Handle length】:31.5cm - 12.4inch【Sori】:1.7cm - 0.66inch【Sakikasane】:0.5cm - 0.19inch【Motokasane】:0.7cm - 0.27inch【Sahihaba】:2.3cm - 0.9inch【Motohaba】:3.1cm - 1.22inch【Mizuheshi】:water quenching【Blade material】:1045 steel【Hi】:Single Hi【Structure】:Maru-gitae【Blade treatment】:Ordinary grinding【Disassembled】:Non removable【Fuchi】:alloy【Handle wraps】:Moro-hineri-maki【Mekugiana】:one【mekugi】:copper【Seppa】:copper【Tsuba】:alloy【Habaki】:copper【Saya】: Solid wood...
Fire katana

Fire katana

This katana boasts a fire-like color scheme, with a thousand folded and forged damascus steel blade with oxidized baked gold finish for unparalleled shine. The solid brass fittings add to...
Yellow and black katana

wave current katana

The rare combination of gold and black forms the beautiful Katana of SAYA, where the black part of SAYA is handcrafted into a circular shape. Its handle is wrapped with...
Golden Snake katana

Golden Snake katana

This Katana is made by a famous sword maker. It uses pharaonic elements. TSUBA hollowed out and carved a snake. The blade is forged from Damascus steel and shaped into...
golden katana sunshine samurai sword

sunshinei katana

This Katana has a golden appearance and a golden blade, with a warm color like the sun. The tsuba and other accessories are made of copper and the blade is...
Golden Sun katana

Golden Sun katana

His Katana uses golden Saya (scabbard) and golden accessories,The Chinese dragon pattern is carved on it,The golden Tsuba symbolizes the sun,Tsuka (handle) and Sageo use blue to symbolize the blue...