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custom katana

If you want to buy a customized katana, then you've come to the right place, we'll offer customization in a variety of steels, styles as well as sizes, make the sword of your dreams a reality.

And we will provide you with all the accessories to choose from such as tsuba, fuchi, kashira, habaki, blade, saya, tsukamaki, sageo or even seppa, menuki, all of which can be matched to your own wishes.If you are new to katana and don't need a sharp katana, we also offer a blunt katana option!

We offer different types of steel such as carbon steel, 1060 steel, t10 steel, damascus steel, tamahagane... If you still can't decide, then you can contact us by phone, email, or chat and we will provide you with a crafting guide to help you make your dream sword!

About Xingyu Sword

Did China have samurai sword?

First of all, congratulations on finding a place that specializes in producing true handmade katana. Our factory is located in a city in Zhejiang Province, China with a history of 2500 years in sword making. The production of katana involves more than ten processes, including design, forging, quenching, grinding, and assembly, all completed by experienced craftsmen with decades of experience in the industry.Our Katanas and swords production and design are not only sold domestically, but also supplied to swords retailers in various countries around the world. In addition, our master will periodically visit Japan to exchange Katana production experience with other craftsmen.

Everything about Katana

reverse blade katana
Sakabato is a special blade design that refers to the katana with a blade on the back of the sword,A movie (Rurouni Kenshin) brought Katana, the reverse blade, to everyone's attention. In fact, in all these years of Japanese sword history, there has never really been a reverse blade sword.
tachi vs katana
Tachi being used mainly from the late Heian Period (12th century) to the early Muromachi Period, and katana being used later than tachi, from about the middle of the Muromachi Period to the end of the Edo Period. Therefore, it can be said that katana is the successor of tachi.
recognize good and bad katana
The price of katana is very confusing, the cheap ones cost a few tens of dollars, while the more expensive ones cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, so how can you tell if a katana has value?
Maintenance of  katana
Japanese swords need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Whether grinding a new sword or repairing an old one, these last decorative details must be carefully protected. Japan has developed many habits or rules for maintaining swords and keeping them in good condition.
Katana set
uchikatana can be said to be a representative of the Japanese sword, is the main weapon of the samurai on foot, the length of the blade is 70-80 centimeters, showing a backward curved form, called "anti", longer than the wakizashi, an inch long, an inch strong, so people always choose to fight the time! The uchikatana is the weapon of choice in battle.