Tachi-xingyu sword Tachi is a single edged sword with a large arc. A length less than 3 feet is called Kodachi, and a length greater than 5 feet is called odachi or Nodachi.
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Touken Ranbu Ichimonji Norimune tachi

Touken Ranbu Ichimonji Norimune tachi

This Tachi restores the weapons of Ichimonji Norimune from the game Touken Ranbu, with perfect reproduction and powerful performance, making it very worth collecting 【Zencho】entire length:103cm - 40.5inch【Hacho】blade length:72.1cm -...
Himura Kenshin tachi sword

Rurouni Kenshin half tachi

Rurouni Kenshin is a Japanese manga and anime work that tells the story of Japan during the Meiji period. The protagonist Himura Kenshin used two swords, the "nameless sword" and...
Ninja Gaiden Evil God Sword

Ninja Dragon Sword Evil God Sword

Ryu Hayabusa's weapon in "Ninja Gaiden II" and "Ninja Gaiden 3" was originally the weapon of the antagonist BOSS Fantasy Heart. Belonging to Tachi, the blade has a longer body,...
Toyotomi Hideyoshi tachi

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Tachi

Feel the strength and legacy of a true Samurai warrior with this exquisite high-grade handmade Tachi. Featuring Toyotomi Hideyoshi's family emblem on the scabbard and an amazing Sanmai-gitae blade craftsmanship,...
blue tachi

Mitsuhide Akechi Tachi

Introducing the "Mitsuhide Akechi" Tachi! This sharp and polished beauty comes with a unique scabbard adorned with the Mitsuhide Akechi emblem. Whether you're a collector or a warrior, this is...
Spring and Autumn Warring States period samurai pure metal Tachi

Mansion Tachi

Be bold with the “Mansion” Tachi. This handsome Tachi is forged with pure copper handle and scabbard, and includes a stunning silver-plated depiction of ancient generals riding horses. The advanced...
Night Eagle tachi

Night Eagle tachi

"Night Eagle" tachi from xingyu sword—a luxurious, intricately crafted masterpiece. Its intricate Damascus blade is elegantly designed and the perfect tool to channel your warrior spirit. Exceptionally detailed and meticulously...
green Tachi

Sakuragawa Tachi

The  "Sakuragawa" Tachi is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. Carefully crafted from T10 steel with hamon process, it features a green scabbard with the iconic emblem of the...
Dragon Blade tachi

Dragon Blade tachi

This "Dragon Blade" tachi is no mere sword—it's a work of art! Hand-crafted with gold accents and carved dragon motifs, plus a polishing process that gives the blade a glistening...
imperial family tachi

imperial family tachi

This xingyu sword "imperial family" tachi is crafted from 1060 steel, delivering exceptional strength for the discerning martial artist. Its striking blue hue accentuates the traditional Japanese design, making it...
Fukushima Masanori Tachi

Fukushima Masanori Tachi

This "Fukushima Masanori" Tachi is crafted from Damascus steel with a sharp edge. Its brown scabbard is adorned with the Fukushima Masanori emblem, and features copper gold-plated silver accessory. The perfect...
Brave Cavalry tachi

Brave Cavalry tachi

Experience the power of a Samurai with our Japanese Tachi! Each sword comes with a stunning scabbard available in multiple colors. Experience the intensity of historic Japan with a modern...