Tachi emblem-MON

Tachi emblem-MON-xingyu sword Family emblem is also called (MON). Common on tachi.There are 350 basic kinds of family emblems and 7500 derived kinds. Common ones include Nobunaga Oda, Akechi Mitsuhide, Toyotomi Hideyoshi vs Tokugawa Ieyasu, it's all very classic mon.
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Touken Ranbu Ichimonji Norimune tachi

Touken Ranbu Ichimonji Norimune tachi

This Tachi restores the weapons of Ichimonji Norimune from the game Touken Ranbu, with perfect reproduction and powerful performance, making it very worth collecting 【Zencho】entire length:103cm - 40.5inch【Hacho】blade length:72.1cm -...
Toyotomi Hideyoshi tachi

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Tachi

Feel the strength and legacy of a true Samurai warrior with this exquisite high-grade handmade Tachi. Featuring Toyotomi Hideyoshi's family emblem on the scabbard and an amazing Sanmai-gitae blade craftsmanship,...
blue tachi

Mitsuhide Akechi Tachi

Introducing the "Mitsuhide Akechi" Tachi! This sharp and polished beauty comes with a unique scabbard adorned with the Mitsuhide Akechi emblem. Whether you're a collector or a warrior, this is...
green Tachi

Sakuragawa Tachi

The  "Sakuragawa" Tachi is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. Carefully crafted from T10 steel with hamon process, it features a green scabbard with the iconic emblem of the...
imperial family tachi

imperial family tachi

This xingyu sword "imperial family" tachi is crafted from 1060 steel, delivering exceptional strength for the discerning martial artist. Its striking blue hue accentuates the traditional Japanese design, making it...
Fukushima Masanori Tachi

Fukushima Masanori Tachi

This "Fukushima Masanori" Tachi is crafted from Damascus steel with a sharp edge. Its brown scabbard is adorned with the Fukushima Masanori emblem, and features copper gold-plated silver accessory. The perfect...
Black Copper Tachi

Royal Chrysanthemum Tachi

This tachi is a collector's item and features a handmade pure copper saya inlaid with brass chrysanthemum patterns. The chrysanthemum is also Japan's national flower, symbolizing the highest honor. The...
nobunaga orange shinogi zukuri tachi

Nobunaga orange Tachi

This dominant tachi is one of the "Three Masters of the Warring States Period" in the era of the Japanese pullover. Oda Nobunaga's Imperial Sabre has a golden yellow overall...
silvery Tachi Handmade Damascus Japanese sword White Knight

White Knight Tachi

When it comes to Japan's national flower, many people immediately think of the cherry blossom. In fact, Japan's national flower is the chrysanthemum. At the beginning of the Kamakura period,...
japanese tachi sword - rokudou no onna-tachi

Oda Nobunaga tachi

overall length 103cm Blade length 72cm motokasane 0.7cm sakikasane 0.5cm kissaki nagasa 3.7cm sakihaba 2.3cm motohaba 3.2cm sori toriizori 3.1cm kissaki chukissaki yokote real Harmon sanbonsugi Blade material honsanmai Striped steel wraps t10 steel...
Bronze Flower Emblem tachi

Bronze Flower Emblem tachi

Swing into action with the "Purple Leaves" Tachi! Crafted with a red tachi and golden family crest on the scabbard, this tachi features T10 steel with HAMON craftsmanship. Unleash your...