Expensive Katana

Where is the most expensive katana? I think there is no upper limit to the price of a katana, but here, for over $500, you can have a high-end handmade katana at the collection level.
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High grade hand-painted exquisite katana

Late Autumn Katana

Dragon King katana

Dragon King Katana

Blue peafowl katana

Blue Peafowl Katana

green katana exquisite Hamon

Katana Armored Warrior

red Scarlet Witch katana

Scarlet Witch Katana

This katana's blade, Hamon It's a unique KO-NOTARE

Silver Cloud Dragon Katana

Cherry blossoms blooming katana
Silver Tiger Katana

Silver Tiger Katana

red katana shop

Sunflower Katana

Dao Yin katana

Dao Yin Katana

aeolian bells katana sharpening Not carving

Aeolian Bells Katana