game swords

game swords Here, you can obtain the real sword in the game. We have copied many katana in the game, making the game's sword a reality.
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TOUKEN RANBU“Ichigo Hitofuri” katana tachi Game Sword

TOUKEN RANBU Ichigo Hitofuri katana

The character Ichigo Hitofuri in the game TOUKEN RANBU, whose identity is Tachi, was restored by me, but I believe he belongs to uchikatana because there is no Tachi's hardware...
Touken Ranbu Ichimonji Norimune tachi

Touken Ranbu Ichimonji Norimune tachi

This Tachi restores the weapons of Ichimonji Norimune from the game Touken Ranbu, with perfect reproduction and powerful performance, making it very worth collecting 【Zencho】entire length:103cm - 40.5inch【Hacho】blade length:72.1cm -...
Ninja Gaiden Evil God Sword

Ninja Dragon Sword Evil God Sword

Ryu Hayabusa's weapon in "Ninja Gaiden II" and "Ninja Gaiden 3" was originally the weapon of the antagonist BOSS Fantasy Heart. Belonging to Tachi, the blade has a longer body,...
Devil May Cry Vergil Yamato katana

Vergil Yamato katana

Yamato, the weapon equipment of the action game Devil May Cry series, was the initial main weapon of Vergil and a key medium for the 4th generation NERO to awaken...
Soul of Tsushima Island katana and Wakizashi set

Soul of Tsushima Island katana and Wakizashi set

Unleash the true warrior within with the "Soul of Tsushima Island" katana and Wakizashi! Handcrafted with T10 steel, the classic samurai design of these traditional weapons is perfect for cosplay...
Sekiro katana red Undead Cut

Undead Cut tachi

This sword is a type of Japanese samurai sword called TACHI, and those with a blade length of less than one meter are called Little TACHI. From the perspective of length,...
sword katana TOUKEN RANBU“Shokudaikiri Mitsutada”

TOUKEN RANBU“Shokudaikiri Mitsutada” katana

TOUKEN RANBU is an action game! It tells the story of the famous sword in Japanese history, transformed into a sword man. The katana we produced is a weapon used...
Ghost of tsushima katana
A samurai is a man who believes in his sword as if it were his life - a phrase that has gotten gamers' blood pumping from the classic game ghost of tsushima, a samurai game set in Japan in 1274 A.D., which recounts the events of the Mongol invasion, when the Mongol Empire and its vassal state, the Goryeo Dynasty, sent an army to attack Japan, and puts players in the role of samurai from the Kamakura Shogunate era of Japan, resisting the combined armies of 30,000 men. 
Yamato katana
Yamato katana is a weapon used by Vergil, the protagonist of the popular game Devil May Cry HD, and one of the three Sparda power swords, one of the relics left by Sparta to his two sons, this blade is incredibly sharp and cuts through iron like mud, kills demons like mowing a lawn, and is even capable of cutting through space, separating the light (the human realm) from the darkness (the demon realm).