About the Function and Role of HI

About the Function and Role of HI HI is a parts of a katana, located on the blade and one or more grooves parallel to the back of the katana. The general understanding is that the HI on the katana is left for bleeding. Actually, it reduces the weight of the blade without affecting its strength. Because when the tool is turned on HI, the blade forms an I-shaped shape, strengthening the structure and reducing weight.
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Little Fox wakizashi

Little Fox wakizashi

The Little Fox wakizashi offers an exquisite blend of fine craftsmanship and precise sharpness, creating an elegant weapon of sophistication and beauty. The exquisite Japanese blade is carefully sharpened to...
prawn katana

prawn katana

prawn katana, blue appearance, copper tsuba, t10 steel Tsuchioki blade, fine grinding, balance point cutting power are very good katana 【Zencho】entire length:104cm - 40.9inch【Hacho】blade length:72.8cm - 28.6inch【Handle length】:27.4cm - 10.7inch【Sori】:1.6cm...
autumn leaf katana

autumn leaf katana

The autumn leaf katana is crafted using its own folded and forged and refined damascus, with a hand-painted autumn leaf sheath and copper-gilt-silver tsuba, perfectly balanced for great cutting power....
sun moon katana sword

sun moon katana

The new Katana is coming, and the beautiful Tsuba features a golden sun and a silver moon on both sides. A lover who sees the sun and moon shining together...
Clover sunflower katana

Clover sunflower katana

A collectible Katana! Cool black, classic yet error free, Kōthe blade with a buse gitae structure, delicate Damascus grain and hamon, handmade HI, all details indicate that it is the...
spray katana

spray katana

Cool katana! Equipped with pure black fish skin SAYA to prevent collisions, the fish skin comes with rough particles that make it full, and yellow horns are embedded in all...
black wakizashi

wakizashi black dragon

Chop down your enemies with the stylish and deadly "Black Dragon" Wakizashi from Xingyu Swords. Perfectly crafted using ancient forging techniques, this modern-day classic cutlass will have you looking sharp...
Tensa Zangetsu - anime BLEACH ICHIGO KUROSAKI katana

Tensa Zangetsu katana

Tensa Zangetsu, a weapon in the Japanese manga "BLACH" and its derivative works, is owned by ICHIGO KUROSAKI. Tensa Zangetsu is Zangetsu's bankai. After ICHIGO uses the Swastika, the blade...
Demon Layer Sabito katana sword

Sabito katana

This katana is modeled after Sabito's weapon in the comic book "Demon Layer". Although it has not been replicated one-on-one, it is unique and can be used as a role-playing...
Devil May Cry Vergil Yamato katana

Vergil Yamato katana

Yamato, the weapon equipment of the action game Devil May Cry series, was the initial main weapon of Vergil and a key medium for the 4th generation NERO to awaken...
manga  Demon Slayer Tomioka Giyuu katana

Tomioka Giyuu katana

Tomioka Giyuu, a character from Manga's "Demon Layer" and its derivative works.The water column in the ghost killing team. A swordsman with a cold exterior is not good at expressing...
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba-Kanroji Mitsuri katana

Kanroji Mitsuri katana

Kanroji Mitsuri is one of the characters in the Japanese anime "Demon Slayer", a pink haired woman with green eyes and tears stains on her eyes. She has a lively...