Katana sheath-solid wood wrapped leather saya

Katana sheath-solid wood wrapped leather saya In addition to protecting the blade, the katana saya (sheath) also has the function of beautifying and decorating the katana. The solid wood wrapped leather scabbard is equivalent to adding a protective cover to the scabbard, effectively preventing damage caused by collisions and at the same time providing a better feel.
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follow suit katana

follow suit katana

Follow suit katana, forged from T10 steel and crafted using the Tsuchioki process to create a very beautiful hamon. The iron Tsuba and solid wood leather scabbard have a perfect...
Alayeshi tang dao

Alayeshi tang dao

This Tang Dao is the weapon of the protagonist Bai Yuekui in the Chinese anime "Soul Cage", and its name is "Alayeshi". It is forged from Damascus steel and can...
Demon Slayer Rengoku Kyoujurou Nichirin Sword

Rengoku Kyoujurou katana

Rengoku Kyoujurou, a character in the manga "Demon Layer" and its derivative works, was born into a purgator of the Ghost Hunting family and is a pillar of the Ghost...
Hashibira Inosuke katana

Hashibira Inosuke katana

Hashibira Inosuke is a character in the Japanese manga "Demon Layer" and its derivative works.Kamado Tanjiro, the Ghost Killing Team Swordsman of the same period, is a belligerent Twin Swords....
Demon Slayer Kokushibo KyokokuKamusari katana

Kokushibo KyokokuKamusari katana

Kokushibo's weapon Kyokokoku Kamusari is a blade forged from his flesh and blood. From the blade to the handle, he was like himself, with multiple eyes and red pupils, looking...
demon slayer katana

Shinazugawa katana

Undead Kawasaki Shimiya is a character in the manga "Blade of Ghost Destruction" and its derivative works created by Uchihiro Hoseyuki. The blade he wears has a green body and...
japanese Type 98 saber Soul

Soul Type 98 saber

The Type 98 Japanese Saber is a prestigious and exquisite weapon crafted with the finest of materials. Its impressive design and craftsmanship make it a unique piece, perfect for collectors...