Katana Sheath-Solid Wood Wrapped Leather Saya

In addition to protecting the blade, the katana saya (sheath) also has the function of beautifying and decorating the katana. The solid wood wrapped leather scabbard is equivalent to adding a protective cover to the scabbard, effectively preventing damage caused by collisions and at the same time providing a better feel.
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Michonne Katana

Michonne Katana

Obsidian Katana

Obsidian Katana

follow suit katana

Follow Suit Katana

Alayeshi tang dao

Alayeshi Tang Dao

Demon Slayer Rengoku Kyoujurou Nichirin Sword

Rengoku Kyoujurou Katana

Hashibira Inosuke katana

Hashibira Lnosuke Katana

demon slayer katana

Shinazugawa Katana

japanese Type 98 saber Soul

Soul Type 98 Saber