Flower katana

The flower katana is a combination of elegant floral elements and the harshness of katana, giving even cold weapons a touch of softness. Combined with traditional craftsmanship, it further reflects the harmonious art and aesthetics of Japan.
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Stone grain damascus katana

Proud plum katana

The “Proud plum” katana is crafted with Damascus steel, featuring hammermarking detailing and a red scabbard with a plum blossom motif. Copper accessories complete the striking look of this majestic...
phoenix katana Leather paper wrapped knife scabbard

phoenix katana

The hilt of this Katana(samurai sword) is a FULL tang structure. is a FULL tang structure, the scabbard is made of solid wood, covered with PU leather and painted with...
A golden and red katana

maple leaf katana

This is a katana with a red theme, which is characterized by the maple leaf painted with makie gold lacquer on the scabbard, especially the classical lacquer. TSUBA and other...
red katana shop

sunflower katana

This Katana is forged from T10 steel, and the blade is made of Yakibatuchi, forming a very beautiful Hamon. The scabbard is mainly red and made of MAKIE gold paint....
Brocade cluster katana

Brocade cluster katana

If you like red, don't miss this katana. Peony and some plants are painted on the bright red ground. The peony also stands for elegance, and the accessories are made...
training full tang black katana

peony katana

This exquisite katana boasts an immaculate, handcrafted peony saya with intricate detailing, making it the perfect accessory for discerning martial arts enthusiasts. In the hands of a master, this luxurious...
plum blossom choji katana

sakura katana

this katana scabbard a hand-painted craft using raw lacquer, also known as natural plant lacquer, which is rare and expensive, the hand-painted craft, as the name suggests, is a pattern...
flower-and-bird painting katana

flower-and-bird painting katana

This Katana has a very natural appearance, and its SAYA is only treated with lacquer, so it presents a natural wood color. The flower and bird elements on it complement...
Black katana with flowers painted on it

Meteor Shower katana

This exquisite Meteor Shower Katana is a stunning combination of beauty and craftsmanship. The black Saya is adorned with vibrant, colorful flowers, while the pure copper accessories complement the blade...
Yoshino Shiage-togi damascus katana

Yoshino katana

This Katana named Yoshino is made of Damascus steel and T10 steel, with a sturdy structure ō Buse-gitae, sharp and beautiful hamon. SAYA is a hand-painted lacquer scabbard with a...
Blood Plum katana

Blood Plum katana

"Blood Plum" Katana, the perfect blend of tradition and modernity! Crafted in Japanese style, this exquisite katana features a purplish red Damascus blade and a hand-painted scabbard adorned with beautiful...
black japanese katana sword-katana for sale

Ink style katana

Xingyu’s “Ink Style” Katana features a stylish suguha blade and a unique kissaki, perfect for making a statement while practicing traditional martial arts. It's a reliable and beautiful weapon that...