Dragon Katana

We have designed some katana with dragon elements on the saya, so that this katana, which represents the ancient gods of vitality, strength and wisdom, surrounding your katana, can powerfully symbolize your ability to conquer life's challenges and fears. Dragons have a calming effect in Chinese and Japanese culture, and even as a mere decorative piece, they can ward off anything that is not in your favor - perhaps this is the mystical power from the East.
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sea otter katana with practical combat capabilities

Sea Otter Katana

dragon katana samurai sword

Kylin Warrior Katana

blue Sea Dragon God katana

Sea Dragon God Katana

Dragon King katana

Dragon King Katana

Nine Heavenly Dragons black katana sword

Nine Heavenly Dragons Katana

Dragon Slash Katana

Dragon Slash Katana

Purple Dragon Katana store

Purple Dragon Katana

Auspicious Dragon katana

Auspicious Dragon Katana

Ink Scar Katana

Ink Scar Katana

Highlander Katana

Highlander Katana

Dragon katana

Highlander Dragon Katana