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zoro katanas Zoro Katanas series,Roronoa Zoro  is a character in the Japanese manga "ONE PIECE" and its derivative works. The fighters of the 'Straw hat pirates'.
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One Piece zoro Yubashiri  katana

Yubashiri katana

Yubashiri is one of the early katanas used by Zoro in Japanese anime One Piece. In addition to being used by cosplay enthusiasts, it also possesses the essential performance of...
Roronoa Zoro Shusui katana

zoro Shusui Katana

Shusui is the katana in the anime One Piece, with a unique appearance and black purple blade with red serrated patterns. This katana is very tough. 【Zencho】entire length:105cm/41.33inch 【Hacho】blade length:73cm/28.74inch【Handle length】:27cm/10.62inch【Sori】:1.8cm 【Sakikasane】:0.5cm【Motokasane】:0.75cm【Sahihaba】:2.3cm【Motohaba】:3.2cm【Mizuheshi】:Oil...
Amenohabakiri Kozuki oden katana

Amenohabakiri Kozuki oden katana

The famous sword "Kozuki oden" is listed as the 21st master of the Great Kuai Dao. The scabbard has flower shaped carvings, and the Tan is a three petal shaped...
enma katana

enma katana

The famous sword "enma katana" is listed as the 21st master of the Great Kuai Dao. The scabbard has a flower shaped carving, and the tsuba is a three petal...
one piece Roronoa Zoro Wado Ichimonji katana

Wado Ichimonji katana

Wado Ichimonji, one of the twenty-one workers of the Great Sharp katana. The handle and scabbard of the katana are white, simple and simple, and they are a hidden katana. Tiangushan Feiche...
One piece Roronoa Zoro Sandai Kitetsu katana

Sandai Kitetsu katana

Sandai Kitetsu, a weapon from the manga 'one piece', is one of the three swords of Roronoa Zoro. Belonging to "karma", it is a demon sword.The shape in this manga...

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