Brown Katana

Brown often gives people a reliable and healthy feeling. The use of brown in the fashion industry is like black, white, and gray, Brown Katana steady and error free.
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Lion Katana

Lion Katana

Michonne Katana

Michonne Katana

follow suit katana

Follow Suit Katana

Dragon Slash Katana

Dragon Slash Katana

Forest Tiger katana

Forest Tiger Katana

hundred emblem katana

Hundred Emblem Katana

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Night Elf Katana

Divine Beast katana

Divine Beast Katana

 Real samurai sword Tuoyuan katana

Tuoyuan Katana

day night katana

Day Night Katana

Ghost warrior katana

Ghost Warrior Katana

Wave Chop Rosewood scabbard katana

Wave Chop Katana