Yamato Katana

What is the Yamato katana?

Yamato katana is a weapon used by Vergil, the protagonist of the popular game Devil May Cry HD, and one of the three Sparda power swords, one of the relics left by Sparta to his two sons, this blade is incredibly sharp and cuts through iron like mud, kills demons like mowing a lawn, and is even capable of cutting through space, separating the light (the human realm) from the darkness (the demon realm).
The protagonist of the katana, Vergil, is named after the Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro, who was assisted by a mysterious force and finally reached the peak of his power in his life, the "permanent demonic form", but a certain person forcibly suppressed this raging power, making the dream of a permanent demonic form impossible. However, a certain person forcibly suppressed this raging power, turning the dream and pleasure of his permanent demonic form into a short-lived memory in his mind and an endless grudge. In the final battle with Dante, when on the verge of insanity and at the end of his rope, he reawakened this terrible power.

Who forged the Yamato?

Yamato katana was originally a legendary sword used by Vergil's father, Sparda. when he created it alongside the Rebellion and his own Devil Sword Sparda when the Legendary Dark Knight split his power into 3 pieces, It's a pun on the word Yamato (the Romanized word is Yamato), and the appearance happens to be that of a Japanese katana,Yamato is also the embodiment of death.

What is the Yamato sword made of?

The yamato katana appearance is that of a Japanese katana with a curved blade. In the first generation of the game, yamato katana is an octagonal tsuba, gold colored hilt, and the saya is black with blue accents. In Generation 3, the tsuba became oval, the hilt became serrated, black and white, with a dragon embossed on the end point of the hilt, and the sheath remained black, with the decoration changed to a yellow ribbon. In the 4th generation, the blade is the same as the 3rd generation, but the sheath part is not decorated with a yellow ribbon.

The katana made by xingyu sword not only reproduces the beautiful appearance of the game, the blade is upgraded with 1060 carbon steel, which allows you to have a real weapon that can slash and cut at the same time as you get addicted to the game. saya is made of solid wood, the fittings are high-strength zinc alloy, and a katana is only made with the old-fashioned Japanese forging techniques.
The world is born from darkness, endless darkness and desolate land. Buy yamato katana and fight against the forces of the demon world!




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