Sword of Kusanagi-Sasuke katana

Uchiha Sasuke is the second male character in the famous Japanese manga (Naruto) who has pure black eyes and blue-black hair. He was a man who pursued his dreams but fell into darkness when he saw his brother slaughter his entire clan and went on a path of revenge to kill his brother and gain more power. After the war ended, Uchiha Sasuke fought a fatal battle with Naruto in the Valley of the End because of the path to world peace that Naruto differed from, and both lost, Uchiha Sasuke was finally moved by Naruto and agreed to the path to world peace pursued by Naruto, and rejoined the Konoha clan. After that, he embarked on a solo journey of penance to see the current world more clearly.

What type of katana does Sasuke use?

Sasuke's Katana was made for him based on Orochimaru's Kusanagi sword, which was greatly improved in all aspects of his life after he defected to Orochimaru, there is no special name for it, and it is not a special weapon, but rather a general term for a class of weapons. Sasuke's version of this Kusanagi sword has a white hilt (in the animated film it is black in the anime), and its power and sharpness increase several times when Raito is attached. Although the shape is simple, but with the white Sasuke, somehow there is a kind of high and cold aura, simple but not simple, especially every time Sasuke with a lightning effect, and occasionally back to close the sword display, with the white color behind the brightly colored fan clan logo, will always make people shout handsome.

Why is Sasuke's sword special?

Sasuke's katana is a symbol of mastery, and as the second ninja in the story to possess the Kusanagi sword, Sasuke's mastery of Orochimaru's Kusanagi sword does not seem strange or even very plausible. In the future BORUTO-NARUTO THE MOVIE, Uzumaki Boruto, who learned from Sasuke, will also take the Kusanagi sword in the future and start his own ninja path.
When sasuke first gained the power of the Six Paths, he once cut Spot's body in half with one sword, knowing that at that time Kai also only broke half of Spot's body, but sasuke was able to do it with one sword? Obviously, there is no way for ordinary weapons to have an effect on Rokudo-level bodies, but sasuke's Kusanagi sword can, which means that at this time, the Kusanagi sword is a Rokudo-level weapon.
The reason why this sasuke weapon is so powerful and never changes is because it is a weapon that grows according to the owner's strength. The reason why Sasuke did not think of changing to a weapon that could match his own was because he felt that this was a passive ability that other weapons could not have, after Sasuke obtained the power of the six paths, the superiority of the Kusanagi sword appeared, no other weapon could have it. No weapon can withstand the power of the six paths but the Kusanagi sword can do it, this is probably the true power of this sasuke Kusanagi sword.
Not only that, not only that, the background of the Kusanagi sword is also very strong, this is not an ordinary weapon, in Japanese mythology, this is the first of the three divine weapons, which represents the power possessed by the emperor, known as the "symbol of the king's power", "the symbol of the conqueror". This sword is referred to as the "symbol of the king's power" and the "symbol of the conqueror". Legend has it that the sword was taken from Orochi's body, and later became the sword of Japanese Kenshin, who used it to cut grass to break the siege, and since then it has also been called the Kusanagi sword.

Sasuke sword real metal

Sasuke was able to implant the lightning attribute into the Kusanagi sword to increase its killing power and penetrating power, and it can be assumed that the body of the Kusanagi sword is electrically conductive, and we all know that the hardness of ordinary iron is about HRC5 to 10 degrees, and although Sasuke's Kusanagi sword is the hardest iron, it must have been damaged after a long time of being stimulated and fighting with lightning. Although Sasuke's Kusanagi sword is the hardest iron, after a long time of being exposed to lightning and stimulation and after fighting, there must be some damage, but it has been proved that the sword is still intact, which can be seen from the fact that he Akasuke fought against his rabbi to see the degree of hardness.
The hardness of iron is so low that it is basically not used to make weapons today, which leads to the possibility of other types of carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, carbon content, although hard but easy to rust, and the hardness of ordinary stainless steel in HRC40 degrees or more, and has the advantages of resistance to air, steam, water corrosivity and so on. Sasuke mostly lives in caves, in a humid environment, carbon steel is easy to rust, and stainless steel is just to make up for the shortcomings, so the two together.
As an anime fan, we designed to restore this classic artifact Kusanagi sword, made of carbon steel, the surface of the anti-rust coating, a one-to-one replica with a simple appearance and length, more than a cosplay prop, but also has the ability to cut the real sword.



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