Kill Bill sword

KILL BILL is a dazzling, sensory-charged action movie that is a masterpiece of violent aesthetics. A bride is assassinated on her wedding day, which is instantly turned a lurid shade of red. Fortunately, the bride doesn't disappear, but awakens four years later and undergoes intense training in a wide variety of martial arts, embarking on her own path of vengeance, which is played to the hilt. Especially the sword that runs through the entire movie, which can be described as razor-sharp, full of violence yet possessing the ultimate allure.

What is the sword called in Kill Bill? 

The sword in the hand of the protagonist is the last work of the retired sword master Hattori Hanzo in the movie, so this sword is also called the Hattori Hanzo Sword. At that time, Hattori Hanzo said to the protagonist: "I made something that can kill people! I did this because I deeply sympathize with your experience! This is the best katana I have ever made. If your path of vengeance hits God, God will be cut in half. "At this point, the meaning of the katana is very clear, and it stands for hatred. The color scheme of the whole Katana is composed of black, white and Huang San, and the blade is engraved with a lion pattern, which is also known as Hattori Hanzo's best work.
I have to admit that this katana fits the characters very well, reaching the level of "man and sword in one": the katana in the hands of the Avengers bride not only has a lion pattern symbolizing courage, but also echoes the color matching with her dress.

Is a Hattori Hanzo sword real? 

Hattori Hanzo in the movie is a fictional character, but Hattori Hanzo did exist in history, only instead of being a master sword maker, he was a ninja. To be precise, Hattori Hanzo is not a person's name, Hattori is a family name and Hanz is a name passed down from generation to generation of a family of samurai under Tokugawa Ieyasu during the Warring States period to the early Edo period of Japan. Hattori Hanzo, as a retainer of Tokugawa Ieyasu, led the Iga ninjas in a number of battles and was feared as "the oni". Hattori Hanzo, a vassal of Tokugawa Ieyasu, led the Iga ninja in many battles, and was called "Hanz the ghost" in fear of the people. Since then, the head of the Tokugawa ninja force has been honored to carry on the title of 'Hanz', this means that only the strongest man in the Hanzo family can be called Hattori Hanzo, and it is a ninja tradition that the new successor must carry on both the name and the identity of Hattori Hanzo.

Kill Bill sword Replica

The Xingyusword is a one-to-one replica of the movie's economical chopping katana, designed for large targets, with an extended handle and thicker, longer blade. The hand-forged blade is traditionally forged, partially hardened, and finely polished for a razor-sharp edge. With a synthetic leather handle and cord for better grip, and hand-engraved designs on the saya, the entire katana is a symbol of honor and craftsmanship.





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