Nashiji Hada Suguha Horimono Katana Blade


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【Zencho】entire length:96cm

【Hacho】blade length: 72cm

【Handle length】:25cm

【Blade material】:Self refining folding steel

【Blade type】:Shinogi-zukuri



【Hada】:Nashiji hada

【Blade treatment】:Shiage-togi


The use of hard steel wrapped soft steel technology enhances the overall toughness and shock absorption performance of the blade due to the use of relatively soft materials in the inner core of the blade. The overall toughness, blade hardness, shock absorption during chopping, and fracture probability of the Sanmai-gitae sword are all stronger than those of the Sanmai-gitae sword.

Nashi-ji Hada

The jihada consists of a large number of nie crystals, which are often blackened by grinding, making the crystals stand out even more and giving them a fine dotted pattern similar to that of the skin of a pear. This type of jihada is not easy to see by observation and must be examined carefully, otherwise it can be easily misjudged as a mechanical product without jihada, and nashi-ji Hada is a symbol of yamashiro-den.


 Handmade blade, size for reference only, please refer to the actual product for accuracy