Fading Shadow tanto


【Zencho】entire length:30.5cm - 12inch【Hacho】blade length:17cm - 6.7inch【Handle length】:11cm - 4.3inch【Sakikasane】:0.4cm cm - 0.15inch【Motokasane】:0.6cm cm - 0.23inch【Sahihaba】:2.3cm cm - 0.9inch【Motohaba】:3.1cm - 1.22inch【Mizuheshi】:Tsuchioki 【Hamon】:curved blade【Blade material】:damascus【Hi】:No Hi【Structure】:Tsuchioki 【Blade treatment】:Taganeha【Disassembled】:Non removable【Mekugiana】:one【mekugi】:bamboo【Habaki】:copper【Saya】: Ebony wood【Gift】:tanto...

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【Zencho】entire length:30.5cm - 12inch
【Hacho】blade length:17cm - 6.7inch
【Handle length】:11cm - 4.3inch
【Sakikasane】:0.4cm cm - 0.15inch
【Motokasane】:0.6cm cm - 0.23inch
【Sahihaba】:2.3cm cm - 0.9inch
【Motohaba】:3.1cm - 1.22inch
【Hamon】:curved blade
【Blade material】:damascus
【Hi】:No Hi
【Blade treatment】:Taganeha
【Disassembled】:Non removable
【Saya】: Ebony wood
【Gift】:tanto Bag
【Total weight】:353g - 0.77pounds
【Desheathing weight】:233g - 0.51pounds
【Workmanship】: 【★★★★】
【Sharpness】: 【★★★★】
【Hamachi hardness】:【★★★★】
【Blade toughness】: 【★★★】
【Comprehensive Index】: 【★★★★】
【Other】: Handmade products have errors, specifications are for reference only!
Shipping and Logistics

When we receive order, we will arrange quality inspection and delivery immediately. Generally, the delivery process takes about a week. As for the time connection receive it, it depends on connection location, for example, the United States takes about 15 days.The logistics we use are UPS, Federal, SF Express,EMS and International Post respectively. We can query and track logistics information online, and the timeliness is very fast.When we receive the order, we will immediately arrange quality inspection and delivery. Usually, the delivery process takes about a week. As for the time of receiving goods, it depends on the location of the customer.Our free shipping countries include: Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Canada, Mexico, the United States, China.Other countries can view your freight on the order settlement page.

Purchase Notes

Can we buy katana in our country?

We can use international courier to send to most of the countries in the world, such as USA, UK, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Czech Republic and so on. Of course, there are many more countries that I have not listed, so please leave them with me. I will check and get back to you.

After purchasing katana, how long do I have to wait to receive the?

Normally, we will send out the katana within 3 working days after you place the order, and the shipping will take about 10-20 days, we will send the katana's photo to your email address before the shipment, and we will send out the katana after confirming that it is correct, to ensure that you can receive the email properly, Please xingyusword@qq.com Whitelisted!

What if I don't receive the goods after ordering?

We send our katana via our certified safe and reliable international courier to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and if by any chance our katana is not delivered for any reason, we will fully refund the amount you paid!

Regarding tariffs

For example to the United States katana, we will pay all the expenses, parcel shipping and customs duty, of course, there are some countries with very high tariffs, that you need to pay a part of the customs duty, usually about twenty dollars, of course, this is not absolute, have any questions you can leave a message to us or send an e-mail to xingyusword@qq.com