Yellow katana

Yellow katana Yellow is a bright and cheerful color that gives a warm and energetic feeling. Yellow Katana holders will feel happy, vibrant and positive emotions.
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flower-and-bird painting katana

flower-and-bird painting katana

This Katana has a very natural appearance, and its SAYA is only treated with lacquer, so it presents a natural wood color. The flower and bird elements on it complement...
Dragon Warrior katana

Dragon Warrior katana

This Katana is very special. Its blade is made of 1060 black oxidized steel, which is not a plated color. There is no need to worry about it fading or...
yellow katana damascus steel

Yellow Dragon katana

This katana is made of Damascus steel and has a unique four-leaf clover shape. The scabbard is crafted from lacquered solid wood and features yellow and red spots. The Sageo is...