Green katana

Green katana Green is the most common color in nature, often representing hope and life. The fresh appearance of green katana will also make collectors often feel the beauty of life.
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Sakura soldier Katana

Sakura soldier Katana

【Zencho】entire length:104.5cm - 41.1inch【【Hacho】blade length:73.5cm - 28.9inch【Handle length】:27cm - 10.6inch【Sori】:1.7cm - 0.66inch【Sakikasane】:0.45cm - 0.17inch【Motokasane】:0.7cm - 0.27inch【Sahihaba】:2.3cm - 0.9inch【Motohaba】:3.2cm - 1.25inch【Kissaki nagasa 】:4cm - 1.57inch【Boshi】:komaru【Mizuheshi】:Tsuchioki 【Hamon】:sanbonsugi【Blade material】:T10+damascus【Hi】:No Hi【Structure】:Honsanmai【Blade treatment】:Taganeha+ji Hadori【Blade type】:shinogi-zukuri【Yokote】:real...
Green python katana

Green python katana

The xingyu sword "Green Python" katana is a masterpiece, crafted with skill and detail. Through the Tsuchioki process, the sword features a unique quenched grain, known as a hamon, to...
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May katana

Take your sword collection to the next level with this masterwork of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Boasting a Half Pack of Green Fish Skin Scabbard, Sanmai Technology Blade, Copper Gilded Silver...
Dragon King katana

Dragon King katana

This Katana's Saya uses solid wood raw lacquer hand painted, but this process takes almost a month, so unlike solid wood spray painted Saya, each of these Katana is a...
green katana exquisite Hamon

katana Armored Warrior

The appearance of this Katana is dark green, with KOIGUCHI, KURIKATA and KOJIRI all inlaid with yellow ox horns, making it very noble. The TSUBA is made of copper-gilded silver...
Cherry blossoms blooming katana

Cherry blossoms blooming katana

This katana scabbard is made of Advanced imitation fish skin wrapped in a wooden scabbard,Sageo uses coarse cotton rope to wrap around,The handle is fixed by two mekugi with a...
Green Lotus Katana

lotus pond katana

A very fresh katana with rare patterns, the scabbard is green and white with delicate lotus flowers printed on it. The blade is made of T10 Hamon steel with good...