Damascus Steel Fine Grinding

Chemical composition
C: 1.2-1.6
Mn: 0.2-0.8
Si: ≤ 0.25
Cr: ≤ 2.0
Mo: ≤ 0.3
Damascene steel is the most primitive form of composite steel, which is formed by semi-melting, using multi-layer folding forging, hot forging or hot rolling, cold rolling, and machining processes to control the internal density of the material and the carbon content at the joint, achieving the fusion of crystals of different particle sizes inside the steel. Due to the differences in internal density and carbon content, different levels of chemical and mechanical properties are achieved, resulting in the formation of composite structures with internal performance differences. When this type of steel is cast into swords, there will be a special pattern on the surface, and different folding forging methods, folding layers, and heat treatment will make the pattern different. This blade is suitable for players who not only pursue the performance of the sword itself, but also have aesthetic appeal and collector value.
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