Colored steel katana

Colored steel is based on 1060 steel and damascus steel added oxidation process, so that it has a color, unlike color plating or spray paint, this oxidation process produces a light color will not fall off, as long as you do not go to the intentional cuts and scrapes, it will always maintain the beautiful color. 
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Yingxue katana

Yingxue katana

This katana (samurai sword) is forged from 1060 high manganese steel,It was made from oxidized baking blue and the blade was ground to white,Formed a texture similar to hamon,The handle...
tiger blue katana

White Tiger katana

This samurai sword tsuba is hollowed out and carved in the shape of a tiger, so I named it White Tiger. The scabbard is made of baking paint, and the...
white lightning katana red blade katana for sale

white lightning katana

If your girlfriend is a very cool girl, you might want to consider this Katana when choosing a gift. It has a beautiful and clean appearance, SAYA with black and...
ONE PIECE zoro katana Shusui

Upgraded Shusui katana

This Xingyu "Autumn Water" Katana accurately replicates the classic design of the Black Sword of Roronoa Zoro in the anime. Featuring an oxidized purple finish, this sword is perfect for...
Tactical Katana

Tactical Katana

【Zencho】entire length:103cm - 40.5inch【Hacho】blade length:72.5cm - 28.5inch【Handle length】:26.5cm - 10.4inch【Sori】:1.7cm - 0.66inch【Sakikasane】:0.4cm - 0.15inch【Motokasane】:0.7cm - 0.27inch【Sahihaba】:2.2cm - 0.86inch【Motohaba】:3.1cm - 1.22inch【Mizuheshi】:water quenching【Blade material】:1060 steel【Hi】:Single Hi【Structure】:Maru-gitae【Blade treatment】:Ordinary grinding【Disassembled】:Non removeble【Handle shape】:imogata【Fuchi kashira】:alloy【Handle wraps】:Moro-hineri-maki【Samekawa】:imitate...
Tensa Zangetsu - anime BLEACH ICHIGO KUROSAKI katana

Tensa Zangetsu katana

Tensa Zangetsu, a weapon in the Japanese manga "BLACH" and its derivative works, is owned by ICHIGO KUROSAKI. Tensa Zangetsu is Zangetsu's bankai. After ICHIGO uses the Swastika, the blade...
anime Skeleton Demon King katanas for sale

Skeleton Demon King katana

Step into the Shadow Realm with this fierce, unique katana! The "Skeleton Demon King" is a totally twisted weapon, with a skull pattern on the handle and tsuba giving it...
golden katana sunshine samurai sword

sunshinei katana

This Katana has a golden appearance and a golden blade, with a warm color like the sun. The tsuba and other accessories are made of copper and the blade is...
sea otter katana with practical combat capabilities

sea otter katana

This katana crafted with 1060 steel. Enjoy a lightweight and durable katana, perfect for personal practice and training.Featuring a red blade, this katana is sure to stand the test of...
Obsidian katana

Obsidian katana

The real obsidian katana is handcrafted from all-spring steel, ancient Japanese forging plus oxidized blackening technology for a razor-sharp cutting experience. Unique solid wood wrapped leather saya with strapable design,...
Lion chop Damascus Roast Blue katana

Lion chop katana

This black low-key Katana features a blade made of Damascus steel, baked color, and wavy grinding. Although the Saya is dull black, it has three yellow ox horns embedded in...
This katana(samurai sword) is forged from Damascus steel. The surface is oxidized and blackened

Melanitis katana

This katana,The blade is forged from Damascus steel,The surface is treated with oxidation blackening process,Blade opening Single Hi,Effectively adjusted the center of gravity of the entire swords,The scabbard is made...