Colored Steel Katana

Colored steel is based on 1060 steel and damascus steel added oxidation process, so that it has a color, unlike color plating or spray paint, this oxidation process produces a light color will not fall off, as long as you do not go to the intentional cuts and scrapes, it will always maintain the beautiful color. 
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Yingxue Katana

Yingxue Katana

tiger blue katana

White Tiger Katana

white lightning katana red blade katana for sale

White Lightning Katana

ONE PIECE zoro katana Shusui

Upgraded Shusui Katana

Tactical Katana

Tactical Katana

Tensa Zangetsu - anime BLEACH ICHIGO KUROSAKI katana

Tensa Zangetsu Katana

anime Skeleton Demon King katanas for sale

Skeleton Demon King Katana

golden katana sunshine samurai sword

Sunshinei Katana

sea otter katana with practical combat capabilities

Sea Otter Katana

Obsidian Katana

Obsidian Katana

Lion chop Damascus Roast Blue katana

Lion Chop Katana

This katana(samurai sword) is forged from Damascus steel. The surface is oxidized and blackened

Melanitis Katana