Blood Groove katana-double Hi katana

Blood Groove katana-double Hi katana Blood groove Katana is Katana with (HI) blade.The role of HI, Reduce the weight of the katana. Strengthen the blade. Adjust the center of gravity of the blade
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time wakizashi

time wakizashi

$249.99 – $279.99
The small and exquisite wakizashi, with a rare kogarasu zukuri blade and Hamon craftsmanship, is cheap and durable, making it the perfect choice for beginners to play with. 【Zencho】entire length:52.5cm/20.66inch【Hacho】blade...
The length of wakizashi is 52 centimeters

Little Golden Dragon Wakizashi

$179.99 – $209.99
Unleash the power of the "Little Golden Dragon" Wakizashi! This inspiring black sword features a bold golden dragon along the saya,  a unique Hamon pattern that will turn heads. Transform...
Devil's Blade katana

Devil's Blade katana

$199.99 – $229.99
Unleash your inner soldier with the Demon Slayer Katana. Its black sheath is carved with a skeleton. This powerful blade is forged from Damascus steel for maximum strength and durability....
red purgatory Stingray skin katana

purgatory katana

$469.99 – $499.99
This Katana blade is designed with dual HI, and the entire blade is made of hand ground ash. The slender blade tip is very distinctive. Saya is a wooden body...
double HI Spray Kogarasu Maru katana

Spray Kogarasu Maru katana

$239.99 – $269.99
This Katana with a KOGARASU-ZUKURI design,There are Double Hi on the blade, one long and one short, and Yakibatsuchi is made,While increasing hardness, it also forms a beautiful Hamon,The scabbard...
day night katana

day night katana

$239.99 – $269.99
This Katana is forged from T10 steel,Using Tsuchioki process,Effectively improving hardness while also creating a very beautiful HAMON,The handle is double mekugi fixed with a FULL TANG structure,The scabbard is...