Katana Hada-The salient features of Best Katana

Katana Hada-The salient features of Best Katana

grain in steel or visible pattern of the forging structure. Also referred to as jihada.the four main types of forging patterns:Itame-hada、Mokume-hada、Masame-hada、Ayasugi-hada.

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lion katana

lion katana

This new katana has a purely handmade craftsmanship, with a unique large undulating ko notare style Hamon, combined with Japanese Kesho migaki, making it a beautiful and practical weapon 【Zencho】entire...
black katana collectibles

snapdragon katana

A Katana suitable for placing in your boutique glass cabinet! It has the real fish skin Saya that must be collectible, a wild feel, and the beautiful masame hada pattern...
Dactylicapnos scandens katana

Dactylicapnos scandens katana

The premium series katana features unique Dactylicapnos scandens elements on the scabbard, Kōthe buse gitae structure is handmade and top-notch, making its hamon lines and patterns particularly beautiful. Habaki is...

Want to customize your own katana?

We have designed a range of katanas to suit all tastes, from beginner's katanas to collector's katanas and customized katanas, so you can choose all the parts of the katana you think are beautiful and put them together to create your unique and exclusive katana.

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