Bamboo katana

Based on the theme of Bamboo, a symbol of strength and flexibility, the katana is meticulously designed based on ancient Japanese forging techniques, and the element of bamboo, which is common in the samurai culture, contributes to the mystery of the katana in this collection.
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bamboo forest katana

bamboo forest katana

Bamboo forest katana, forged from T10 steel, ko-notare hamon, solid wood hand-painted scabbard, and pure copper gilded and silver tsuba, making it unparalleled in beauty 【Zencho】entire length:104cm - 40.9inch【Hacho】blade length:73.2cm...
seasonal bamboo katana

seasonal bamboo katana

seasonal bamboo katana Seasonal bamboo katana, a Japanese sword made from bamboo, a blade made by the Hitatsura process, a tsuba made of pure copper and gilded gold and silver,...
bamboo katana│Mirror Grinding

mirror Bamboo katana

This Katana (Samurai Sword) is designed with bamboo elements,The accessories(tsuba fuchi kashiru) are made in the style of bamboo weaving,and the tsuba is also carved with bamboo leaves,this is the...