Does the legendary reverse blade katana really exist

What is a sakabato?

Sakabato is a special blade design that refers to the katana with a blade on the back of the sword,A movie (Rurouni Kenshin) brought Katana, the reverse blade, to everyone's attention. In fact, in all these years of Japanese sword history, there has never really been a reverse blade sword.

Kenshin felt guilty for killing many people as a reformist executioner and decided not to kill anyone. Therefore, he specifically asked someone for help to create a reverse blade for him, and the author also consulted the materials, most of which indicate that Sakabato did not really appear in Japanese history.

But in 2014, a short sword with a reverse blade was discovered in an ancient homestead in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The blade was approximately 22 centimeters long, as set in the manga, with the back and blade reversed. However, due to poor workmanship and low strength, it is unclear whether it is a modern craftsman's imitation of comics or a tool for trimming horse hooves. Due to the fact that the practice did not comply with legal Japanese sword regulations, it was not possible to obtain a landing permit. Therefore, later on, this reverse edged short sword could only be kept as a document in the local local local museum.

What is the difference between a katana and a reverse blade?

The cutting directions of Katana and Sakabato are different, and Katana is more suitable for chopping and cutting. Sakabato uses the same hand-held method as Katana, although it does not cut the edge on the front, it can also be used as a blunt weapon to strike. Many famous generals in world history have used blunt weapons such as maces, whips, sticks, clubs, and hammers. Due to the different bending directions of the reverse blade sword, I believe it can cut and reduce objects more effectively.

What is the point of a reverse blade Katana?

In the movie Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin aims to end the killing, so he created the reverse blade katana. If he really needs to confront danger, he can also flip the blade to attack.

But I have seen another version of the description that in ancient Japan, the wearing requirements for katana were very strict, and civilians were not allowed to wear katana casually. The reverse blade katana is considered non-aggressive and civilians are not restrained. Of course, this view needs to be confirmed.

In 2019, modern craftsman Kanekuni ogawa did indeed complete the creation of the reverse blade katana to complement the manga adaptation of the movie "Rurouni Kenshin", but this was also a promotional tool for the movie.

How strong is the reverse blade sword combat ability

Generally speaking, the underlying consciousness of the reverse blade sword is to stop war, but when its size is changed, it becomes a very terrifying weapon, the Karambit. Its destructive power is enormous, so it is listed as a controlled weapon in many countries and regions. Therefore, if Sakabato can be used flexibly, it will also become a terrifying weapon.


Finally, let's enjoy our anti blade Wakizhashi.



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