Katana's buying guide

What is the correct buy japanese katana process,japanese katana on the market are of varying quality,Prices vary very widely, which tends to confuse people that,japanese katana buy What points should you pay attention to?To buy the right katana,I've compiled some common questions about buying a katana below for your reference.

First you have to be clear about what you are buying a katana for, different types of katanas are going to be chosen in different ways.

1: Practicing katana martial arts

If you're buying a katana for martial arts practice,And just starting to practice,here's my advice,Get an unsharp and inexpensive katana for your first weapon,So that you are less likely to accidentally injure anyone during your practice and better able to protect yourself,If you've been practicing for a while and have a certain quest for a katana,Like the weight, length, or center of gravity point of a katana,Then my suggestion is to find a merchant that can support customized katanaInform the merchant of your requirements so that a katana can be made to your satisfaction!

2:Feel the joy of chopping

If you're aiming to chop branches, bamboo, or rolls of grass experience the joy of chopping,Then you need to order a sharp katana based on your purchasing power,And with different levels of sharpening, the slashing sensation that can be experienced is completely different; the more extreme the sharpening, the higher the price of the katana.

3:Collection katana

If the purpose of your purchase is to collect, then you can choose what you need to collect according to your requirements.Some people are obsessed with knife strips, and need to test the knife's credentials and Hada.Some people, however, specialize in collecting katana parts, like tsuba fuchi kashira which is a separate collection system.And some people care about everything about katana, what the ito is made of and how it is wrapped, whether the rayskin is fully wrapped or not, how ornate the sheath is made are all things that matter to them.Of course, this level of katana is usually very expensive, and you need to know enough about katana, otherwise it is easy to buy a katana that has no value as a collector.

4:katana cosplay

If you need to role-play anime or movie characters, just for the props, then you can completely ignore all of the above, just consider the degree of reproduction of katana and the anime and the price to choose to order.

5: Katana's Cost Architecture

Secondly I think buy a katana, one has to understand its cost structure, the cost of a katana is divided into two main parts.The first is the cost of materials and the second is the cost of production,The cost of materials is very easy to understand,The main premium is in the cost of production,The same material in the hands of different makers can show a completely different effect.Let's say a piece of clay is not worth much in the hands of an ordinary person, but by some craftsmen firing it into various shapes of ceramics, its value will be very high,It can be made into ceramic vases, teacups, and ornaments, the more complex and delicate it is, the higher its collector's value.The same goes for katana, which is the main reason why katana's quality is so variable,So choosing a manufacturer that specializes in making katana is especially important, choosing the right katana maker will not only get you a satisfactory katana, but also won't cost you too much money.

Of course, you can also skip the above steps and go straight to your own preference, because most people's passion for katanas is that they are very cool and are not involved in practicing or collecting them, so as long as you get a good look at it at first glance, then buy it!


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