Tanjiro Katana

Zōmen Tōjirō

In the globally popular Japanese anime "demon slayer", Tanjiro is known as the strongest protagonist. He is a brave and kind-hearted young ghost hunter whose family was attacked by a ghost, but only he and his sister survived, but her sister was turned into a ghost. In order to cure his sister, he joins a ghost hunting team and begins a journey full of adventures. In addition to this, tanjiro shows a gentle side, which he always shows whether he is treating his teammates or his opponents. He often has a faint smile on his face, and even though he is sad inside, he never shows it easily.

What type of katana does tanjiro use

The katana used by Tanjiro is a sunken sword. The Hinawa sword is the special sword of the Ghost Squad, and is made of "Gorilla Himatsuri Iron", which absorbs the sun's rays, and changes color according to its owner; Charcoal Jirou's sword is a rare black color.
After returning to Mt. Sayamushi in the "Team Selection" episode, Tanjiro meets up with his sister, who has woken up, and learns from his master that Kamado Nezuko has become able to overcome his cannibalistic desires by replenishing his energy through sleep. Afterward, tanjiro receives his first Hinawa sword from the sword forger, Hotaru Ironzuka.

Por que la katana de tanjiro es negra

Tanjiro's Hinokami Kagura is the Hinoki Breath, and all the breathing techniques of the Ghost Killers originate from the Hinoki Breath. Because of the difficulty of Day Breathing, no one else in the first generation of the Ghost Killers mastered it except Tsugikuni Yoriichi, the founder of Day Breathing. Through the Day Breath the eight basic breathing techniques were developed, and the other breathing techniques in turn originated from the eight breathing techniques, for example, the Kasumi Breath is a derivative breathing technique of the Wind Breath, and each breathing technique has his corresponding color, for example, the Water Breath corresponds to the blue color, the Inflammation Breath corresponds to the red color, and the Day Breath corresponds to the black color.

Tanjiro sword real metal

If you are an avid fan of demon slayer, you can purchase a Tanjiro Kamado Nichirin Katana, a one-to-one replica of the shape and the black blade representing Hinokami Kagura, made of real metal, sharp and sturdy!