Shinobu's katana

Kochou Shinobu is a character from the Japanese manga demon slayer and its spin-offs, Bug Hashira from Kisatsutai.As a child, Shinobu lived in a very happy family of four, the family making medicine for a living, and Shinobu inherited the art of making medicine. Later, ghosts invaded her home and her parents were brutally murdered, so Shinobu grew up hating ghosts. Once a feisty and irritable woman, Shinobu started to smile all the time like her sister Kanae after her sister was killed by a ghost, which made her look like a know-it-all sister with little lethality, but in fact, she is best at saying the most ruthless things in a gentle tone.

What type of katana does Shinobu use?

The katana Shinobu uses is called a Nichirin sword, and when it was first made, the chief of the village of Forge Knife was asked to make it for Shinobu, as ordinary swordsmiths were not capable of or experienced in making this type of weapon.
This Nichirin sword has a very special appearance, similar to a thin sword, but more like an inverted handkerchief, with a long, short, and serrated shape, and when viewed from the front, the tsuba looks like a butterfly with its wings spread out. The handle is mint green with copper accents, and the blade is edged only at the head and tail, with only the spine in the center. The front blade is engraved with the words "Evil Ghost" and "Kill" on each side, while the back blade is barbed, which is also a hiding place for poison. In the anime, Shinobu hides the knife in front of his chest, and the knife can be easily maneuvered with the rapid movement of his body. From the looks of it, the knife is truly stunning and full of mystery.

Why is Shinobu's sword shaped like that?

Shinobu is too weak in her own right to cut down an oni's head with a Nichirin sword, so she only makes up for her lack of strength by applying poison. The design of her Nichirin sword not only reduces the weight of the sword, but also maintains the balance of the sword so that it is not front-heavy and back-heavy. The Nichirin sword can transform into different forms in different situations, for example, in battle it can zoom in and out of shape to form a whip-like attack to attack the enemy with ease. And when a frontal attack is needed, it can quickly shrink and transform into a short bayonet to stab the enemy. This ability is Shinobu's unique skill, and is often used to unexpected effect in battle.

Shinobu katana for sale

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