Ghost of tsushima katana

Ghost of tsushima

A samurai is a man who believes in his sword as if it were his life - a phrase that has gotten gamers' blood pumping from the classic game ghost of tsushima, a samurai game set in Japan in 1274 A.D., which recounts the events of the Mongol invasion, when the Mongol Empire and its vassal state, the Goryeo Dynasty, sent an army to attack Japan, and puts players in the role of samurai from the Kamakura Shogunate era of Japan, resisting the combined armies of 30,000 men. 

Since it is a Japanese samurai-themed action game, most of its weapons are swords, and the most famous is the protagonist of the Sakai Ren use katana, this katana and the opponent of the Mongolian weapons are very sharp, so the player is always hovering on the edge of death, the need for strong defense of the country's beliefs and with the katana to play out the skills of the main protagonist of the adventures of the biggest dependence on the adventure.The classic weapon used by the protagonist, Jin Sakai, is a katana called Sakai taijutsu, which is used together with the Sakai Tanto to form "Sakai Steel", a family heirloom. Sakai Steel is a family heirloom that Hitoshi Sakai inherited after the death of his father, Lord Sakai, in Iki Island.

ghost of tsushima katana for sale

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