Sageo:The rope on Saya

Sageo, the rope on the katana scabbard

What is sageo?

Sageo is a rope on Saya, which gradually evolved into an ornament as the practicality of Japanese swords disappeared.

Is Sageo tied to his waist? 

Katana and Wakizashi are both inserted into the waist, and only Tachi's Sageo (Tachino) is tied to the waist or the trunk of the armor.

Does Sageo exist to prevent opponents from snatching swords?

Katana's Sageo can be tied to the sword hilt or tsuba during short combat to prevent hand slipping during combat. Additionally, it can also prevent the sword from being pulled out instantly while in a retracted state,
If Koiguchi is too loose and cannot grip the blade well, it is necessary to tie the Sageo to the tsuba to avoid falling the blade. in order to prevent the occurrence of katana dropping and avoid hurting oneself or the blade This is also a etiquette to tell the other party that they have no intention of offending.


Is using leather Sageo more luxurious?

The cost may be more expensive, but not for the sake of prestige, mainly for pest prevention.

Can Sageo only be tied to Saya?

There are many practical uses, including tying sleeves, making emergency tourniquets, supporting tents, and so on, of course, the main function is still based on katana, and when customizing katana, you can also choose different materials and colors of sageo to match.



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