About Japanese Swords

blade "types of katanas"
The term zukuri refers to the shape and form of the Japanese sword. Most Japanese swords are shinogi-zukuri and hira-zukuri, but the fashions of the times and the changes in fighting styles have led to a wide variety of shapes, but the shinogi-zukuri is still the most popular.
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History of katana
The history of Japanese swords,it can be divided into Jokoto period, Koto period, Shinto period, Shin-shinto period and Gendaito period, but different researchers have different opinions on how to date generations in different periods, and there is no unified conclusion.
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types of Japanese swords
To this day, There are already many different types of Japanese swords, there are 26 categories, Produced in different eras and backgrounds,and we will focus on 10 representative ones,the ranking starts with the most common.
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