Zenitsu katana

Zenitsu is a character from the popular Japanese anime demon slayer, who was only 16 years old when he joined the Ghost Killers and is very timid with strong negative thoughts. His master thinks he is very talented and has great strength, but he himself has very low self-esteem. zenitsu's reason for this actually has a lot to do with his upbringing, he was disliked and bullied from a young age, and it wasn't until he was taken in by his master and taught Breath of Thunder that his life completely changed.
Of course this is also closely related to his own hard work, the Breath of Thunder he only knows one stance, but it's this stance alone that he practiced for I don't know how many times before he was able to bring out the effects of the Thunderbolt Flash.

What are Inosuke's katanas called?

zenitsu's katana is called Nichirin Blade, and it has a lightning pattern on the blade and a lightning edge pattern on the blade, proof of the Breath of Thunder's heirship. the tsuba is a four-petaled papaya pattern, and the whole katana is white in tone.
Although zenitsu may seem mediocre, but in so many vicious battles, he is the only one among the three little powerhouses who did not break his blade, in addition to his own blade skills are very stable, his weapon - Nichirin Blade also has a lot of credit, which is enough to explain the power of this Nichirin Blade katana, a sword strike, like a thunderbolt.

Zenitsu katana real

Although Zenitsu doesn't have the courage of Kamado Tanjirou, or the talent of Tokitou Muichirou, and can't even master all the moves of the schools he learns, his deep-seated goodness and persistence ultimately make him an outstanding swordsman. If you are also touched by such a spirit and want to collect a real zenitsu katana, take a look at this one-to-one replica of a katana, which is made by traditional forging techniques, and is more than just a prop for cosplay, but also a weapon with truly powerful performance, just like in the anime.