Yoriichi katana

Yoriichi is a character from the Japanese manga demon slayer and its spin-offs.He was born into a samurai family and was the strongest ghost hunter in the Warring States period. He was born with the ability to mottle and see through the world, and created the Hinoki Breath. After leaving his family, he lives with a woman named Shi, and the two also later marry. After his wife and child were killed by ghosts, Yoriichi joined the demon slayer and taught the breathing method to the demon slayer members, causing the demon slayer's strength to increase dramatically. It can be said that Yoriichi is the central character in demon slayer, running through the entire storyline, and is the soul character of the work.

What katana does Yoriichi use?

Yoriichi uses the Breath of the Sun, so his Nichirin katana is made up of black and red, and the red Nichirin katana is only the strongest because the Breath of the Sun is the source of all the Breaths, and when Yoriichi uses the Breath of the Sun to empower the Nichirin katana, the blade will turn a blood red color, sometimes glowing a bright gold color. When Yoriichi empowers Nichirin katana with the Breath of the Sun, the blade turns blood-red and sometimes glows a dazzling gold color. This time, Nichirin katana is charged with the energy of the sun, and it can inflict fatal damage on ghosts by causing them to feel the agony of their internal organs as if they were being burned by the scorching sun. This is why Yoriichi's sword is so special.

Did Tanjiro get Yoriichi sword?

Notice how Yoriichi's sword is blood red while Tanjiro's is black, and in the manga every time Tanjiro's sword breaks, the people of the Forged Sword Village make another one for him.
And Yoriichi's sword ends up being chopped off by Kokushibo. According to the plot, Yoriichi visits Kokushibo at the end of his life and comes close to killing him with a single slash, but ultimately fails to do so and passes away while maintaining the chopping motion. Enraged, Kokushibo cuts off his body with a single slash, and Yoriichi's sword breaks at that point.

Yoriichi katana for sale

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