Zoro katana-The weapon used by the legendary swordsman in one piece

What is zoro

Zoro is a character from the Japanese anime classic One Piece.His full name is Roronoa Zoro.He appeared in the second episode and is now the second member of the Straw Hat Pirates, a Japanese pirate group. He aspires to be the world's number one swordsman and has always stood by his swordsman's principles.

How many katanas does zoro have

Zoro has used six katanas, except for the two unnamed swords that broke during his fight with Hawkeye, the rest are Wado Ichimonji katana, Sandai Kitetsu katana, Yubashiri katana, and Shusui Katana. the katana that zoro holds now is the enma katana.

Wado Ichimonji katana-One of the twenty-one great swords, valued at more than ten million berries, originally owned by Kuina, who obtained it after her death with the permission of her dojo teacher. The sword's tsuba is thick enough to protect against enemy blows, but the decoration is unrefined, making it the least conspicuous of Zoro's swords, but the simplicity of the blade reveals a murderous spirit.

Sandai Kitetsu katana- One of the 50 Ryo Katsudo's, the Ramba. Worth more than a million berries, it is known as the Demon Sword because of the deaths of the samurai who possessed the Sandai Kitetsu in the previous tier. In the weapon store in Rogue Town, Zoro knew it was a demon sword, but still used his own luck to compete with it and won, and the owner of the weapon store sold a sword and gave it to Sauron for free.

Yubashiri katana-Ryo Rapid Blade Fifty Kobo was once the treasure of the Rogue Town Weapons Shop, and the owner of the store was so impressed by zoro's match of luck with Sandai Kitetsu Katana that he gave it to zoro free of charge.

Shusui Katana- The Great Rapid Blade XXI Kobo, which was once the sword of the dragon slaying samurai Ryoma, the famous sword at the waist of the legendary samurai. Even if a dinosaur stepped on the blade, it would not bend even a millimeter. After Zoro defeated the samurai Ryoma, Ryoma entrusted it to Zoro, and it was not a waste of the sword's name.

Enma katana- The Great Fast Sword 21 Kobo was originally one of the swords worn by the late Kazunokuni daimyo Mitsuki Gotanda. It was passed down to his beloved daughter, Mitsuki Niwa, and was kept by Tenguyama Feicher, a sword forger in Wakuni, for 20 years. It was one of the most precious swords of the Mitsuki Mitsuki Sword School.

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