Muichiro katana

Tokitou Muichirou is one of the characters from the famous Japanese anime Demon Slayer, with long black and green gradient hair, always expressionless, and using Kasumi no Breath to fight. He is also the youngest member of the entire Demon Slayer, taking only two months to become a pillar from the time he started holding a sword and practicing swordsmanship, as well as a teenager who was sacrificed at the tender age of 14.

What does Muichiro's katana look like?

Muichiro uses the Nichirin Sword, a katana whose features include a golden square-shaped tsuba interspersed with hollowed-out squares in the corners, a swastika, a swastika tattoo meaning good luck, and a mint-green "悪鬼滅殺" engraved on the blade. The katana is as crystalline as snow, and appears to be ordinary, but under Muichiro's Kasumi Breath, it reflects a dazzling light and a sea of brilliant mist that can be described as absolutely beautiful. In addition, Muichiro is able to dramatically improve his physical and perceptual abilities by opening up the world to mottling and transparency. In battle, he can demonstrate his great power by utilizing a strong grip or weapon clash to raise the temperature of the katana, thus turning a normal Nichirin Sword into a Hekken.

Why is Muichiro sword white? 

One of the reasons for this is because he is simple minded, always fidgeting when he loses his memory, quickly forgetting about things that don't matter, and unable to focus. This makes him a perfect fit for the white Nichirin Sword, and since white symbolizes Kasumi, it's only fitting that Muichirou, who uses Kasumi no Kasumi's Breath, holds a white katana.

Muichiro katana for sale

Formally three-dimensionalized in 1/1 scale, Muichiro katana is forged using an ancient method, making it more than just a peripheral toy, but also a sharp weapon with real-world combat capabilities!