Mitsuri katana

Kanroji Mitsuri is a character in the Japanese manga demon slayer and its spinoffs,She had large light green eyes, oftentimes flushed cheeks, and a mole under each of her eyes that, the controller of Love's Breath, who is strong and kills countless ghosts, as well as one of demon slayer's few beautiful women. Her reason for joining demon slayer is to find a man stronger than herself. Mitsuri is hot, optimistic, and popular in demon slayer.

What katana does Mitsuri have?

The katana used by Mitsuri is a special Nichirin sword, which is made with the best forging techniques of the Forge Sword Village, and is thin, light, and as soft as a whip, allowing it to cut and slice through enemies quickly, and it can also shrink freely, and there is no limit to how far it can shrink yet. saya is white, the hilt is grayish-green with a heart, and the tsuka is pink like a four-leaf clover. The tsuba is pink like a four-leaf clover. The blade is also pink and has a very fast attack speed. This Nichirin sword is also a collapsible sword, and because the blade is made of soft, flexible material, it is completely invisible when collapsed, just like a regular Nichirin sword.

Why is Mitsuri's katana flexible?

This has to do with Mitsuri's breathing technique.Mitsuri uses Ren's Breath, a derivative of Inferno Breath, and the moves are capable of cleaving through various enemy jutsu, so it has to be paired with a special flexible soft sword to be able to complete the defense while launching an attack. A school that combines offense and defense. Since sound and softness are important points, Mitsuri includes dancing to music in their training.