Michonne katana

Michonne is a character from the American television series American Comics The Walking Dead and its spin-offs, who debuted in the second season. Upon her appearance, she decapitated two walkers with a sharp slash, thus creating a strong interest in this mysterious swordsman. It was only in the third season that Michonne made her official appearance, armed with a katana and a sharp, vicious blade that left the walkers with basically no chance of escape. Before the walker outbreak disaster, Michonne is just an ordinary company staff, unarmed, good thing she was born with strong action ability to survive, but also so the achievement of her bold and careful, not afraid of the character of danger. Her knife skills are as cold and ruthless as her character, and she has excellent knife skills, wielding a sharp blade like chopping vegetables in the face of walkers.

What kind of katana does Michonne use?

The katana Michonne used was one she had brought from a neighbor's house earlier. In order to survive, Michonne makes difficult choices. She picked up the katana, put on her blood-stained trench coat, and began to wander the world. And with this razor-sharp katana, she went from her debut in Season 3 to Season 6. The katana is brown and white with a leather sheath and a strap for easy carrying, and in Michonne's hands, with her sharp knife skills, she has no trouble cutting down slow-moving monsters like walkers.

Michonne katana real 

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