kokushibo katana

Kokushibo is a villainous character in the Japanese manga demon slayer and its spin-offs. Born as Tsugikuni Michikatsu, the eldest son of a samurai family during the Warring States period, he followed his younger brother Tsugikuni Yoriichi to join the Kisatsutai as one of the first generation of Breathing Swordsmen. He later learns of his brother's amazing swordsmanship talent and brilliance, which leads to jealousy and hatred. In order to find the power to surpass his brother, Tsugikuni Michikatsu chose to join Kibutsuji Muzan, and after becoming an oni, changed his name to Kokushibo, and became the only oni who could use Breathwork.

Is Kokushibo's sword a Nichirin sword?

Kokushibo's sword is made from his own blood and bones, and can regenerate even when broken, making it a stronger weapon than the Nichirin Sword, named Kyokokukamusari.The hilt and blade of this sword are covered in eyeballs and weird patterns, and the sheath of the sword has the appearance of a sarcoma, and evolves into a longer and more disembodied blade with a discrete blade as Kokushibo liberates his strength. As Kokushibo unleashes his power, the blade evolves into a longer and more misshapen blade, with which he manipulates the breath of the moon, and each swing is surrounded by small, irregular, thin, moon-shaped blades, the size and length of which change constantly, which is Kokushibo's "Blood Ghost Technique". and it is the strongest weapon used by the Ghost of Kamigata.

What color is kokushibo sword? 

Kokushibo uses Moon Breath, so his sword is a dark red color. And after he became a ghost, the sword has changed a lot, with purple and yellow colors predominating.

kokushibo katana for sale 

In the demon slayer anime, both Rock Pillar and Wind Pillar speak highly of this weapon from Kokushibo. As an evil yet charming villain, Kokushibo's katana has a strange appearance and is incredibly powerful. We've recreated it one-to-one, bringing the katana from anime to reality, where it's not just a cosplay prop, but also as powerful and sharp as the legend.