Inosuke katana

Hashibira Inosuke is a character in the Japanese anime demon slayer and its spinoffs, a Kisatsutai swordsman contemporary of Kamado Tanjirou, and a young man who grew up in the mountains. He wears a grey boar's head mask and is topless, but has a pretty, stout, and belligerent face. He has an unusual sense of touch, and can sense the movement of the air, and has created his own "Breath of the Beast" school of swordsmanship, which combines his own bodily functions with his breathing technique to maximize the power of his dual-sword attacks.

What is Inosuke's katana called?

Hashibira Inosuke is the only double sword flow in the demon slayer, but the Nichirin sword he initially used was stolen from the other team members, simply two swords with no tsuba or hilt, only cloth wrapped around the hilt, and screamed that it could "slice like a fine silk"! They also claimed to be able to "cut as sharp as silk". Since there was no sheath, the cloth was usually wrapped around the body. After his sword was broken in the battle of Natagumo yama, Kanamori Kouzou, a sword forger, rebuilt a special Nichirin sword with a gray-blue blade for him.

Why are Inosuke's swords like that?

Inosuke, after getting his hands on two new Nichirin swords, however, picked up a stone and hit the blades so hard that he knocked out a lot of nicks in the blades, turning them into what we see now. Kanamori Kouzou, the sword forger, was furious, but when he went back, he suddenly thought that Inosuke's swords were very innovative, not to mention the fact that the blades had so many pits on them, but they were actually very regular, so maybe this shape of the sword would be able to have a more significant effect. Holding this mentality, the forger seemed to have learned inspiration from Inosuke as well, so he forged the sword in the future, also following Inosuke's way, cracking a part of the Nichirin sword with a stone, and knocking out a row of regular notches on the edge of the blade, which looked as if it was more elegant.